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    Note by the 9th annual meeting of the professional committee of cardiovascular medicine of changsha medical association


      This academic conference will continue to adhere to the principle of" popularization, promotion, practicality and standardization "and emphasize the scientific development of standardized comprehensive innovative treatment guided by guidelines. Famous cardiovascular experts from China are invited to give lectures, introduce the latest progress of cardiovascular research at home and abroad, conduct in-depth discussion and exchange of experience on hot issues in cardiovascular field, pursue academic consensus, improve clinical level, and promote the development and progress of cardiovascular cause in hunan province and changsha. This is held in changsha on July 28, cardiovascular internal medicine "in changsha city medical association professional committee of the 9th annual meeting and national continuing medical education project 'new progress of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease seminar", changsha medical association professional committee of cardiovascular disease, director of the committee, director of the changsha third hospital cardiovascular sciences, professor yu-min zhang, chairman of the conference keynote speech.


    Opening remarks by the chairman of the conference, professor zhang yumin

      The conference was organized by the professional committee of cardiovascular medicine of changsha medical association and the third hospital of changsha. This year is the ninth session of the changsha cardiovascular disease conference, which was broadcast live on the Internet so that doctors can enjoy an academic feast without leaving their homes. Messages posted on the Internet platform all expressed satisfaction with the meeting. The number of participants registered for the conference reached 500, and there were no empty seats at the meeting.

      Congress opening ceremony hosted by professor yu-min zhang, director of cardiology, Taiwan's chi mei hospital, academician of the American college of cardiology, European heart institute academician professor g. r. slemon, heart failure, chairman of China physicians association, and professor zhang jian, director of professional committee member, the cardiovascular professional committee chair professor sheng-hua zhou city, hunan province, changsha city medical association, President of yellow, jiangxi and hunan changsha city health and family planning commission, deputy director of the liu jiyang who in changsha city planning commission KeJiaoChu Ding Jianhui director, changsha, dean of the Soviet union, on the other hand, the third hospital week in changsha city, vice President of the third hospital chang-hui deng attended the opening ceremony, etc. President zhou zhongsu affirmed the achievements of the cardiovascular department led by professor zhang yumin in his speech at the opening ceremony and expressed his most sincere welcome to the leaders, experts and colleagues of the hospital. Professor zhang jian, professor zhou shenghua, professor Chen zhicheng, President huang ganxiang and deputy director liu kinyang addressed the opening ceremony respectively and wished the conference a complete success!


      After the opening ceremony, zhou shenghua, professor of xiangya second hospital of central south university, introduced the application of mechanical circulation support (MCS) in interventional treatment of heart failure and high-risk cardiovascular diseases. Several cases of extremely difficult cases completed by the second xiangya hospital were explained to the attending doctors. In one case, TAVR supported by ECMO was used to treat patients with severe aortic valve stenosis and cardiac arrest, and the application of MCS in high-risk TAVR was deeply analyzed.

      Fuwai hospital professor zhang jian to share the national center for cardiovascular disease in the diagnosis, treatment and progress of cardiac shock "theme, the report when introduced to maintain hemodynamic stability is the key of the treatment of CS, especially the AMI is the most important cause of ACS, early reperfusion treatment to improve prognosis, maintain a stable internal environment is the basis of improved shock, the key to protect the function of the vital organs.

      The chairman of the conference, professor zhang yumin, pointed out that prevention should optimize antithrombotic therapy and maximize the benefits. Prevention should pay attention to risk assessment: ischemia, bleeding; Rational choice of drugs; Appropriate dosage and course of treatment, combined with GPI; Attention should be paid to the high-risk population of gastrointestinal bleeding; Strict combination of drugs, reduce unnecessary combination, avoid the cross - use of anticoagulants.

        In addition, the conference set up a special session for the discussion of cases of cardiovascular young and middle-aged experts. Eight young and middle-aged experts selected from various municipal hospitals Shared wonderful discussions on difficult cases, adding to the conference. All the contestants are well prepared, from the diagnosis and evaluation of lesions, differential analysis, treatment strategies, as well as the thinking and enlightenment brought by cases. The contestants speak in detail and actively discuss the doubts and comments of cases. The cases included chronic complex CTO lesion treatment, diagnosis of cardiomyopathy, and diagnosis of atypical myocardial infarction. Many experts commented on the difficult cases and expressed their views on the diagnosis, differential diagnosis, experience and lessons of the difficult cases from a professional perspective. Point out the case highlight also point out the case shortage, and give advice. Through the case, intense discussion is extended, bringing a new perspective of disease awareness and treatment to the contestants and participants, deepening the participants' understanding of disease while stimulating more thinking, and promoting the growth of young and middle-aged experts. The academic atmosphere of the conference hall is strong.


      Professor yu-min zhang, chairman of the general assembly, is currently the central south university, hunan university of Chinese medicine, supervisor of postgraduate, the current in changsha city medical association cardiovascular internal medicine, director of professional committee member, antithrombotic, chairman of China physicians association, committee of the national committee, the state of couplet of heart failure in medical committee member, deputy director of the provincial steering committee member, deputy director of the cardiovascular epidemiology of hunan province medical association professional committee of hunan province committee, deputy director of the cardiovascular rehabilitation medical association professional committee of preventive medicine heart disease prevention and control committee of the standing committee of hunan province, the ministry of education thesis evaluation experts, high blood pressure education school principals in hunan province, Member of the cardiovascular medicine branch of the Chinese medical association (reelected for three consecutive terms). Published nearly 30 papers in domestic core journals, won 6 provincial and municipal excellent papers awards for natural science, and published many popular science articles to promote health knowledge.


      As the meeting organizer, and central south university in changsha cardiovascular internal medicine is currently the third hospital in hunan university of Chinese medicine graduate student cultivation base, cardiovascular internal medicine in changsha city medical association professional committee chair affiliated department, institute of cardiovascular disease prevention and control of the affiliated department of changsha, professional base, the second batch of national drug clinical trials unit to build China's heart center. We have a medical care team with rich experience in heart failure, hypertension, coronary heart disease, antithrombotic diagnosis and treatment, arrhythmia, etc. A total of 180 beds are open, including three wards and CCU wards. On talent training, famous at home and abroad for many years as send good doctors to studying heart center, participated in the international, national and provincial scientific research projects and drug clinical trials, successfully hosted the 8 th in changsha city medical association annual meeting and new progress of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases of the cardiovascular classes (national) following the teaching project.


      The successful convening of this conference will further promote the academic exchanges between various sister units of cardiovascular medicine in hunan province and changsha city, and improve the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in hunan province. With the help of this academic exchange opportunity and platform, local doctors in changsha and even hunan will further strengthen academic exchanges, continuously improve their management and service level, give full play to the role of academic platform of the institute, and serve the grassroots well and benefit the people of changsha! Look forward to meeting again next year!